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Custom color scheme for KDE/Plasma

Customizing the KDE/Plasma color scheme can be stricky

Customizing the KDE/Plasma color scheme can be stricky

Sometimes I wish to create a custom color scheme, but not all the colors were used. For example widgets (like application starter and task bars) do not use the custom color scheme. Here are some solutions that may help:

Create a color scheme

Color schemes are stored in /usr/share/color-schemes/FooBar.color. To create a new one, just copy an existing one:

  • cp /usr/share/color-schemes/FooBar.color ~/.local/share/color-schemes/MyScheme.color

Customize color scheme

Now you have to fix the metadata of the scheme and customize the colors:

  • Metadata are in the MySchema.color at the button in the [General] section
  • Change the Name here

Now you can adjust the colors. KDE has a tool for that, just search for “Colors”, select your scheme and change the colors. Unfortunately the changes are written to a local files called ~/.config/kdeglobals, which is not your new color scheme. I just copied the content to my color scheme, so what I did was:

  • Use the KDE tool to customize colors (just search for “Colors”)
  • Copy color-relevant content from ~/.config/kdeglobals
  • Replace the old section in MySchema.color with the ones you just copied

All properties that can be set are listed here: https://hig.kde.org/style/color/dark.html

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